Panda Helper is the best ever that we got best third party free app store on both iOS & Android platforms.

So you can use this amazing app store on your smart phone without any software restriction.

Please use this educational website to get you need all tutorial guides.

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1. Top Most Section

     1.1 Search bar

1.1.1 How to search an app

1.1.2 Search History

1.1.3 Hot Searches

1.1.4 Hot Tags

1.1.5 Recommended for you

     1.2 Market 

     1.3 App manager


              1.3.2 Updates

 2.  Bottom Most Section

      2.1 Featured

    2.2.1 For you

    2.2.2 Mod

    2.2.3 Free

    2.2.4 Game Bot

    2.2.5 Hay day hack

    2.2.6 Panda News

      2.2 Games

      2.3 Apps

      2.4 Me

3. App details

4. Conclusion

Panda Helper Screenshots

Top Most Section

Search bar 

As you tap on the search bar, it brings you to another window, which pops up from the right of the screen.

How to search an app

  • Type in the name of the app you want to search
  • Tap on the ‘search’ keyword to start the search.
  • You’ll get the matching results according to your keyword.
  • If you think you have made a mistake typing the name of the search keyword to delete it tap on the (x) icon.
  • To go back to the main menu tap on the (<-) icon.

Search History

Just below the search bar, you will find the search history.

  • Every search keyword that you type in the search bar appears here.
  • Simply tap on a keyword under history to search back previously searched keyword.
  • Tap on the bin icon to clean the history.

Hot Searches

Below the search, the history section is the hot search.

  • This is where you can find out the most popular search keywords among panda helper users.
  • The top 8 most searched keywords have been lined up here. 
  • The keyword that you are about to type in the search bar may find here. If found tap on it.

Hot Tags

Below the hot search section is hot tags.

  • There are the topics that most of the app in panda helper are grouped under.

Recommended for you

  • Apps that recommend to you by panda helper based on your previous search results can be found here.


Just Next to the search bar, you can find the Market. Tap on  icon.
Here you can see three tabs

1. Featured 2. Games 3. Apps 

Each of the above sections has been divided and arranged apps under the following sections.

  • Recommend for you
  • More apps
  • You may like

To exit from this section tap on <- button

App manager

To the top right corner with a  symbol, you can find the app manager.
In this section, you will find two tabs.

  • Downloads

Apps that you have already downloaded can be found here.

  • Updates

Here you can find out the updates for the downloaded and installed application.

Go back to the main menu and tap on the (<-) button.

Bottom Most Section


 Featured section is divided into following seven tabs.

  1. For you
  2. Mod
  3. Free
  4. Game Bot
  5. Hay day hack
  6. Panda News

a). For you

Editor’s choice 

  • Best tried and tested 100% working apps selected by the editor of panda helper can be found here.
  • Tap on the (>) button to check all editor’s choices.

New releases

  • Newly added apps to the panda helper app can be searched and download by accessing this section.


  • In collections apps have been categorized according to their genres. Here are some app collections that you can find under these sections
    Football, Ball Games, Fishing, Drive, Survive, Shoot, Pat your pet, Let’s Fish, Let’s Shop
  • For instance, if you are a fan of playing football,

Find the collection named ‘football’. Tap on it. You’ll find a plethora of apps related to football games.

Everyone is playing

  • Here you can find everyone is playing section. Here you can find the most popular gaming apps of panda helper users.

b). Mod 

  • Modified versions of gaming apps available in panda helper can be found under this tab. But how do you know if an app is modified?
  • If you look carefully, there is a red label on the top left corner of each app’s icon named ‘Mod’.
  • If you further want to check what features of a given app are modified, tap on the icon of an app with a red label.
  • You’ll find all modified features under the question ‘What’s modified?’ Visible in yellow color.

c). Free

  • Here is the place where you can find all the free versions of apps that had been premium previously.

d). Game bots

Tap on the menu of the Game bot section.
These are the attributes you will see under the menu.

  • Home  
  • Bot
  • These apps work as AI assistances for selected games.
  •  You can make this bot do the hardest parts of your games while like farming, gathering materials and building raiding armies.
  • Tap on the bot and here you can use it to overcome repetitive cliché tasks while playing games

                      Eg:-Hay day bot, Cocbot, Brawl Star bot

  • News
  • The latest news related to gaming bots can be read if you select this.
  • Privacy 
  • Private Policy of automatic bots effective from 2020 May 12 is here.

d). Heyday Hack

  • Hay Day is arguably the most sought after app in the pander helper application. That might be the reason why developers of this app have reserved a tab for this game.
  • As you tap on hay day hack you can see a search icon and the menu of hay day has been designed with three parallel lines.
  • Tap on the search icon; you can see 10 popular search keywords related to this section.
  • Type in the keyword you want to find about the hay day game here and tap on the search icon. To delete tap on the (X) icon.


Tap on  icon. Sliding section will popup.

Here you will find tips, hacks, news, FAQs, and other important information you wants to play the Hay day game successfully.

Social media links to the hay day game are also available here.

e). Panda news 

To stay in touch with the latest news about the panda helper app read this section.


Tap on Games. Three tabs are to be seen

  • New

            Newly added games to panda helper are listed here.

  • Top  
    Top games are listed based on popularity.
  • Categories
    Games of this app have been categorized into 16 sections. They are,

1. Action                 2. Adventure       3. Arcade                4. Board
5. Card                    6. Casino             7. Casual                 8. Music
9. Puzzle                 10. Razing          11. Role Playing      12. Simulation
13. Sports               14. Strategy         15. Trivia                16. Word


Tap on Apps. Three tabs are to be seen

  • New

          Newly added apps to panda helper are listed here.  

  • Top 

          Top games are listed based on popularity.

  • Category 
    Games of this app have been categorized into 26 categories as follows

1. Art and design             2. Auto and Vehicle     3 .Book and reference
4. Business                      5. Comics                     6. Communication
7. Education                    8. Entertainment           9. Finance
10. Health and finance    11. Library and demo  12. Lifestyle
13. Map and Navigation 14. Medical                  15. Music and audio
16. News and Magazine 17. Personalize             18. Photography
19. Productivity              20. Shopping                21. Social
22. Sports                        23. Tools                      24. Travel and local
25. Video players            26. Weather


  • Log In
  • Log in to the panda helper app account using your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account.
  • To log in give credentials of one of the above accounts
  • Once you logged in, you will be given a unique ID by panda helper.
  • Account name of the logged-in account will be taken as the Nickname of pander helper account.
  • You can bind the other two accounts with this later.
  • To log out tap on your nickname and tap on the log out button at the bottom of the opened window.
  • Donate to support this app

    You will be forwarded to the panda helper PayPal account as you tap on this.
  • Share panda helper

Tap on this and share details about the panda helper app.

  • Feedback

    Submit your suggestions and thoughts about this app using this section.
    Write in detail section give your email and tap submit.
  • Language

This app has two languages only. Select either Chinese or English Tap submit to change the language

  • Device UDID

          You can find out your device’s UDID from here.

  • About Us

 Tap on this and you’ll find all the social media links to this app.

App details

To check app details tap on any app’s icon

  • Feedback button

Is designed right to ‘App details’ title.

  • To give feedbacks about the selected app tap on the icon
  • Select one out of five issues listed in this section you face while using this app.
  • If you cannot find the issue here select another option and type your issue in the ‘Talk about other issue’ box. Give your email and submit.
  • Share button
  • To let the world know about this app tap on the share button to share about this app of social media platforms next to the feedback button.
  • Just below the above section, you can find App’s details name, release date and version.
  • Below the detail section, you can find screenshots of the app in use.
    If it is a modded one you can find the modification down to screenshots.
  • Description

  • Gives details about the app that you have already opened. If it is a game where you can find out how to play and its features. 
  • If it is another app under description you can find how to use that app.
    To read the full description tap on the ^ icon.
  • As you tap full detailed description expands.
  • To collapse it tap on (v) the icon.
  • What’s New
  • The Latest featured added to individual apps are mention here.
  • To read full details on newly added details tap on the ^ button.
  • Information
  • The author of the application, Category this application placed under and the System Requirements to install are mentioned here.
  • All version
  • Sometimes due to systems constraints of your phone, you might not be able to install the app.
  • In that case, tap on the> button to check all previous versions of the app.
  • ‘Get’ button
  • To the bottom of this app detail section, you will find a blue button named ‘Get’ along with the app’s file size.
  • To download and install this selected app tap on this button


Panda helper, a third party application store, help you download and install apps which you won’t find in traditional app stores like google play and the Apple app store. In this pander helper front-page article, we could draw your attention to that useful app’s front page.
So people what do you make of this app and were you able to notice some feature of panda helper missing from this article? Please comment below.