Panda Helper Android

Did you know that the Panda Helper Android app can be installed on your PC as well as your Android phone? What are to be the best apps you would find on the pander Helper play store? What might be the best alternatives for panda helper?

In this article, we’re going to break it all down to you.

Table of contents

1. Install the panda Helper android app on your Window’s PC or Mac PC

2. How to download the panda Helper app on your Android device.

3. Top modded panda helper apps for your Android device.

4. Panda Helper Android alternatives. 

5. Conclusion

Install the panda helper android app on your Window’s PC or Mac PC

Step 1

Download panda helper APK

1. First you need to download the panda helper app file on your PC

Follow this link

Step 2

Now you are required to install the blue stack android emulator on your PC

2. Go to the blue stack dot-com site to download and install blue stack on your PC.

3. Once installed open the blue stack application.

Step 3

Install panda helper on your Android phone

4. Now on the blue stack window you will see a folder named system apps next to the google-play store icon. Click on it

5. Now Find the Media Manager icon and click on it.

6. As you click blue stack media manager will open.

7. Now click on the tab named ‘Import from windows’. A window will open.

8. Now select the ‘panda helper app file from the opened window and click on the open button.

9. As you click to open apk file will be added to blue stack software now

10 clicks on the ‘panda-helper app button to start the installation.

11. Once the installation is completed click the open button.

You can use other Android emulators like Gameloop, Memu, Nox player instead of the blue stack.

How to download the panda Helper app on your Android device.

1. Go to panda VIP official site

2.  You’ll be forwarded to the panda helper android download page

3. Tap on the download button

4. Once the APK file is downloaded on your device tap on it

5. If you have not turned on install from unknown sources on you will be to turn it on.

6. Simply go to settings and toggle on the install from unknown sources button.

7. Now the installation process will begin soon.

5. Once it is installed you can see an icon with the panda helper logo on your screen

6. Tap on it. You will be asked to tap to allow the button to access the media file of the app.

7. Tap on Allow.

Top modded panda Helper apps for your Android device

Gaming Apps 

1. Hey Day 

Launched in 2021, heyday is said to be the most popular farming game app in the world. This farming game app allows you to be a virtual farmer. In this game, you have to expand your farm by selling crops and earning money. Using the panda helper, not the software you can make all most all of the repetitive tasks of this game like earning coins get completed.

2. Be her hero Mod 

Hey, boys! Want to be a hero of your girlfriend?

Rex, a high school student, who was born to protect justice, has got his secret. A secret that protects all his fellow neighborhoods from the evil. While being a high school student rex has to play the role of a superhero.

If you are a Japanese Manga lover, you will surely fall in love with this game.

3. Sky Raptor: Space Invaders

While the earth is on the brink of an alien invasion, the Sky Raptor team tries to defend it against evil forces. As team

Sky Raptor recruits new fighters to wage war against these aliens, join their team and fight side by side.

Get on a plane and brace for the worst battle against invaders. You are provided with a wide range of weapons and space crafts.

This game consists of three levels

Easy, Hard, and Difficult

4. Kings Road Mod

When your king is not at your Kingdom, it is invaded by a group of enemies. You are task to save your kingdom.

This multiplayer roleplaying game allows you to save your kingdom by choosing one role out of the wizard, the knight and the archer and put in your maximum energy to save your kingdom from dark spirits.

5. No Way to Die: Survival Mod

No Way to Die: Survival Mod a post-apocalyptic world game is a survival game. As the game begins player finds himself left stranded in the middle of a cave several years after a comet hit the earth.

You have to gather your food and collect weapons to fight against zombies.

Other Apps

1. AVG Antivirus Pro Android

AVG is one of the best mobile security apps, installing over 100 million people worldwide.

While protecting online privacy and your device from being stolen.

2. OfficeSuite Pro

Using Office Pro you can create edit and view documents, like you are doing those tasks on a desktop screen, on your Android device.

File formats of OfficeSuite pro are compatible with mostly used software like Microsoft office file formats, allowing you to mobile phone installed the OfficeSuite pro version to do your office works.

With the Text to speech feature, you have the full freedom to type your documents using your voice.

This apps supports 56 languages.

3. Video show pro Video editor

With the Video show pro application, you can get your videos edited.

Like other video editing applications, this app doesn’t add watermarks to your edited video or play advertisements while using it.

Also, you can convert your video file into an mp3 file. 

It supports up to 4K video quality 

4. Yo window

Use that have to get in touch with the latest weather forecast news as the day breaks

In this application, you can view weather with radar recordings 

By sweeping through the window you can see how the weather is going to change in the upcoming hours of the day

5. Back Country Navigator TOPO

Say you are on a hiking adventure or engaging in fishing in a place where there is no internet access.

As this application works like an offline navigation helper you can use it even when you don’t have access to an internet connection to not get lost in the middle of nowhere.

Panda Helper Android alternatives.  


VShare can be both installed on Android, and iOS phones, as well as on your computer. Just like the panda helper app, you do not need to jailbreak your device to install this app.

How to download the Vshare app

1. Go to share the official site and download the android version on your device.

2. Go to downloads and find downloaded apk file and tap on it.

3. Now if you haven’t toggle on install apps from unknown sources, you’ll be asked to do so.Turn it on to start the installation.

4. Once it is completed go to the home screen and tap on the share icon.


In this Android-only application, you will find a modded version of well over 25000 apps.

If you are an Android app developer you have got an app that the google-play store doesn’t allow you to publish, HappyMod might be the right place for you. Upload your app to HappyMod and get the thought of downloaders.


Unlike the panda helper app Cokernutx contain no advertisements. The developer of this application made a plethora of applications available in this application.

To download and install the coconut app you can follow the same steps of panda helper installation after downloading from its official site.

Make sure you have permitted the app to install apps from unknown sources.


Emus4u is an application available for both Android and iOS operating systems. In Emus4u you can find quite a lot of modded apps and premium apps for free.  If you are not satisfied with the panda helper app we suggest you try downloading Emus4u app store.

Follow the same steps of panda helper installation to download this application on your android device.

Tutu App /Tutu helper

As our best pick, we have selected the tutu application. Although it seems like two apps both of these are products of a Hong Kong-based software firm. Like all the apps we have listed here tutu also provide you with a rooting free installation.

Installation of the tutu app isn’t different from the process of the panda helper application.


One advantage of using panda Helper as an Android user is that you are free from certificates being revoked issues that iOS users frequently face. Panda helper android allows you to download and install paid applications that you would find on platforms like google play at no cost. It can be installed on both your PCs with the help of an Android emulator and your Android devices. Even if you are not quite content with the panda helpers we have provided a list of alternatives.

So Android users, tons of app are waiting for you to be downloaded. Try downloading panda helper.

Let us know your panda helper experience in the comments.