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Ever wondered how to install hacked, premium, and modified apps aka modded apps on your mobile phone for free? Say you want to listen to your favorite Spotify premium podcasts or find a date on Tinder Gold for peanuts.

Panda helper, the third-party app store, has been the answer to all such queries of people like yours.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at how to install panda helper on iOS and Android devices. Then we are going to head over to see what this lovely app has to offer and find out solutions to issues that you face using it in the ‘troubleshooting section’.

1. Why you should consider installing the panda helper app in the first place?

2. Download panda helper on iOS devices.

    2.1 None jailbroken devices

           2.1.1 Regular Version (Free version)

           2.1.2 VIP version

     2.2 Install panda helper on Jailbroken devices

3. Download and install panda helper on your Android devices.

4. How to download apps from panda helper

5. Panda helper lite, VIP and regular version feature and differences

6. Troubleshooting Guide

     6.1 Android troubleshooting

     6.2 iOS troubleshooting

7. Few panda helper Alternatives.

8. Conclusion

Why you should consider installing the panda helper app in the first place?

1. If you are an iOS user you can install this app without jailbreaking your device

2. If you are an android user this app can be downloaded without having to root your device.

3. Download and install apps you find neither in the Apple app store nor the Google play store.

4. A plethora of apps to choose from.

5. The official site’s SSL certification confirms that you are secure while downloading panda helper.

6. Playing your favorite games like ‘Hay day’ is no more difficult and boring than it used to be thanks to automated bots as it makes repetitive tasks are completed for you.

7. No need to toil to earn coins and credits as unlimited recourse are readily available in modded applications.

8. Just navigating through Panda helper’s user-friendly user interface will surely make your day even if you don’t want to install apps.

Download panda helper on iOS devices.

None jailbroken devices

Regular Version (Free version)

1. Clear the Safari browser’s history and cache first.

2. Go to the official Panda helper VIP website

3. Go to the regular tab and tap on the download regular version button.

4. Tap on the ‘install the regular app to try’ button

5. Then tap on the install button.

6. Once it is downloaded you will see the panda helper icon on your home screen.

7. If you tap on it ‘untrusted enterprise developer ‘ message will pop up.

8. Go to Enterprises app>>Settings >>General >>profile and device management

9. Tap on trust ‘Sinochem Cooperation’

10. Tap on the trust button when a message asking you to trust the app populates.

VIP version

1. Connect your iOS device to your Wi-Fi network.

2. Then go to safari browser and clear history and cache.

3. Type the URL of the official panda helper website in safari’s search bar.

4. As the website load you should be able to see two versions of this app; premium app (VIP) and regular app.

If you want to know more about the difference between these two versions please scroll down.

5. When you click on the VIP you’ll be forwarded to a PayPal payment gateway of panda helper. This VIP version cost as little as $13 per year.

6. As soon as the payment process is over you’ll be redirected to ‘Install Profile’.

7. Now click the ‘ install’ button located at the top right corner of your screen to continue the installation process.

8. As you tap on install process of installation is started.

9. Sit tight until it is over.

10. Once the process is complete you should be able to see the icon of this app with a panda logo on your home screen.

11. Tap on it. Welcome to panda helper.

Install panda helper on Jailbroken devices

1. First Open Cydia app

2. Then tap on the source>>Edit>>Add

3. Type in the bellow address in the popped up window named, Cydia/APT URL, to add Panda helper repo

4. Tap on Add source button.

5. Sit tight until it is added. You’ll see the ‘verify URL’ message.

6. Once it disappear tap on the install tab which you’ll see to the bottom of the screen.

If AppSync Unified tweak is already installed on your device app will be installed. You can verify if it is installed on your device.

7. If you haven’t installed AppSync tap on the panda helper repo to install important tweaks and the panda helper app. Then tap on the installed tab to find out panda helper is installed.

If you didn’t know what AppSync is and how to check if Unified tweak is installed on your devices, it is a tweak that let apple users install unsigned/fake signed iOS apps and you won’t see panda helper repo drop down menu after you tap on install button.

Download and install panda helper on your Android devices.

1. Open your chrome browser and type the official web address of the panda helper site.

2. As you are using an android device you’ll be forwarded to an android section of the pander helper website.

3. Tap on the download button.

4. If you haven’t toggle on ‘install apps from unknown sources ‘ you’ll be asked to turn it on.

Go to Setting >> Security

You’ll find the install from unknown sources option under the security section.

5. It may take a while to install this app depending on your internet speed.

6. After installation you’ll be able to see a blue colored panda icon on your home screen. Tap on it.

5. As this is your first time on pander helper, you are asked to allow this app to access your phone’s media. Simply, tap on allow.

How to download apps from panda helper

1. Go to the search bar of the panda helper app.

2. Type in the name of the app that needs to be installed.

Before you type check if the keyword you are about to search is hot searches or history.

3. Tap on search

4. You’ll get the matching results with your typed keyword.

5. Tap on it.

6. Now check if the app is compatible with your device from the information section.

If it is not suitable tap on all versions. You might be able to find an old compatible version to fit with your device.

7. If it checks all the boxes you are good to go.

8. Now tap on the get button to commence installation.

9. If you want to pause it tap again on the same button.

Panda helper lite, VIP and regular version feature and differences

Panda helper lite

As the name suggests, its file size is less than the other two versions.  If the remaining storage size of your device is limited you can install panda lite.

You can install the lite version of panda helper if the regular version is revoked.

Panda helper VIP

No ads will pop up as you use this app

Some applications find only on the premium VIP version 

Panda helper regular version

If you don’t want to pay for apps yet want to download almost all of the apple app store’s or play store’s paid apps consider downloading the regular version

If you download the regular version relative amount of issues regarding the app is a bit high compared to the VIP version.

Ads will play while you use the regular version

Troubleshooting Guide

As panda helper users troubleshooting is an important aspect that you should pay attention to. Here are some pretty common issues associated with the panda helper app.

Android troubleshooting

Advertisement play as I try to open this app. what am I supposed to do?

First, open up the app without turning on mobile data or Wi-Fi. Once the app is opened turn the data on.

I keep getting a black screen when I try to open panda helper. What should

I do?

Go to your app manager.

Force stop the app and clear the cache of panda helper.

Now try to open the app.

iOS troubleshooting

1. Unable to verify message /Certificate is revoked.

When apple found that their enterprise developer certificate is misused they ban it. As a result, you no longer cannot use the installed app. This is known as app revoked. When it is revoked you’ll get this ‘unable to verify’ message.

Under such circumstances 

a.) Install Panda helper lite

b.) Buy premium VIP version.

c.) Jailbreak your device

d.) Use a third-party alternative app store

a.) Install Panda helper lite

1. First delete apps that you have downloaded from panda helper

2. Then delete the panda helper app.

3. Now go to the panda helper VIP website or the panda helper org website.

4. Tap on the download button.

5. Once it is installed Go to

Setting>>General>>Profile >>Panda helper lite

6. Then tap on the installed button on the top right corner.

b.) Buy the premium version

        We have already explained how to install the VIP version in this article

2. White Screen or black screen issue

        Go to Safari browser and clean history and cache.

Few panda helper Alternatives.

1. AppCake

2. CokerNutX

3. TweakBox App

4. HappyMod App

5. Tutu app


To download premium apps available on platforms like the app store or play store at no cost you can use panda helper. In this article, we have discussed how to download, install and probable issues users face using this app. If you are not satisfied with panda helper you can try the alternative listed above.

You can follow official Twitter to get the latest updates @PANDAHELPERAPP

Download panda helper and enjoy your go-to games and apps to your heart’s content.