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Panda Helper is the best and the easiest way to use all Game lovers to play their loved games as well as the latest Apps & Games for free.

So please follow this article to be known about the latest Games and Apps that provide by Panda Helper.

Team panda Helper adds apps to their app store from time to time. These are the newly added five apps you will find  in panda helper as of October 2021.


Make it or Break it!

As the name implies, Lokicraft is a  building construction game. In these games, you have to,

Acquire resources and built weapons, tools and buildings after choosing one mode out of creator mode or survival mode.
Swim in the ocean and try to find unexplored territories.
Construct your habitat out of the site of predators and monsters
Grow and hunt to fulfil your hunger.

Hungry Shark world

Have you ever played animal control games?
In the hungry shark world, all you have to do is feed your shark.
Control your shark and make it eat food raging from tiny fishes to humans to fulfil its hunger while swimming across different oceans
Choose one shark out of 37 unique categories 
Get the help of other sea creatures like octopus and fish to boot your health and increase the score
Embark on 20 different missions
Experience the unbound ocean

Subway surfers Mod

Subway surfers’ is a game that has been around for years. In case if you are not familiar with the game, it is a running game. While on the run all you have to do is dodge obstacles, dogs and the cops that you encounter on your way.

Subway surfers mod was added to the panda helper app on the 26th of September.


When your crazy granny keeps you in home detention, you have to figure out a way to escape.
Make sure that your walk in such a way that not even the sound of your footsteps is heard by your granny.

Tap Titanic 2

When the main character of this game Swordmaster break the chains, he is determined to seek revenge and save the world from those with who he had been tied up.
Lead your team toward the glory against a battle with Titan Loads.
Find the best team to fight with the hero of Swords, Sword Master
Boot the power of Swordmaster through various options like card collection.
Gather money to upgrade the features of the game.

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