Panda Helper iOS

Download install and rectify common issues associated with iOS

Have you ever downloaded the panda helper app store on your iOS device? Or maybe you have already downloaded pander helper and struggling with pander helper related issues? Either way, if you are an iOS user you’ll find benefits by reading this article.

1. How to download and install Panda helper

     1.1 Regular version

          1.1.1 Panda helper download on iOS 13 to 14

          1.1.2 Panda helper download on iOS 12 to 13

      1.2 VIP version

          1.2.1 Install panda helper VIP on the iOS device iOS 13 and 14

2. Features of Panda helper iOS version

3. Frequently asked questions on common issues associated with panda helper iOS

4. Conclusion

How to download and install Panda helper

Regular version

Panda helper download on iOS 13 to 14

1. Go to the official panda helper VIP website.

2. You will see three tabs VIP, regular and jailbroken.

3. Tap on the regular button.

4. Tap on the ‘download free version button.

5. When you tap a window with three opinion buttons and a message recommending iOS versions with 13.3 or high users to install the VIP version will pop up.

6. Tap on the ‘install the regular app to try’ button.

7. Now, another pop-up message with the install and cancel buttons. Tap on install.

Here, you can see all instructions on how to install this app.

8. As depicted in this message there are three statuses of panda helper downloading

If you are not connected to the internet you will see the ‘waiting’ icon.

If panda helper is being installed, you will see a ‘Loading’ icon. On your home screen.

9. Once the installation process is over you should be able to see the panda helper blue icon with the panda logo.

10. Now if you tap on the icon you will see ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ message.

11. To rectify this issue Go to the settings >>general>>profile and device management

12. Tap on the profile of panda helper listed under the Enterprise App category.

In my case, it’s ‘Jianxhi yu Chan Network Technology Ltd’.

**Latest certificate ‘CHINA UNIONPAY’ as of 2021 September.

13. As you tap you’ll be forwarded to another window.

14. This is where you can trust the app tap on

‘Trust Jianxhi yu chan Network Technology Ltd’.

15. When a massage pops up with trust and cancels options tap on ‘Trust’

16 Now go back to the home screen and tap on the panda icon

17. As this is your first time following message will populate

‘Panda helper would like to find and connect to a device on your local network’

18. Tap on allow

Panda helper download on iOS 12 to 13

1. First go to your safari browser and clean both history and cache.

2. Go to the panda helper org website and download the configuration profile

3. Select allow when message

‘This website is trying to open Setting to show your configuration profile.

Do you want to allow this?’

Pops up. As you tap to allow the download process to start. This may take a while.

3. Once it is completed, go to ‘Settings’ ->’ Profile download’ ->tap on ‘panda helper’

4. You should be able to see ‘Install profile’. Tap on the ‘install’ button located in the top right corner.

5. To go to the next step, you will probably be asked to enter the apple password. Enter it.

6. Now you will see another install button in red; tap on it.

VIP version

Install panda helper VIP on the iOS device iOS 13 and 14

1. Clean Safari history and cache.

2. Go to the panda helper website VIP page.

3. Tap download >> continue >>allow starting profile installation.

4. Now go to setting and then to profile and install it by tapping the blue install button.

5. Go back to the official page of panda helper and tap on download.

6. When you click a message prompt appears with two options pops up. Tap on ‘Open’.

7. Then click on the ‘install’ button to start the installation process.

8. Then go to device management and trust the profile.

Features of Panda helper iOS version

** Important

Some of the below-mentioned features might not be available in your Panda helper iOS version.

Auto Clicker

Save data


Cheat Engine



Auto Touch


App signer

Auto clicker

This feature has especially been designed to circumvent the need for doing repetitive tasks while playing mobile games as this helps you simulate your mobile phone screen touches.

However, Cloner is not compatible with every game you find on panda helper.


Imagine you want to log in to two Facebook accounts at the same time using the Facebook application installed on your mobile phone. It may be kind of a daunting task to install two versions of the same app. But thanks to cloner now you can make this job a reality. It helps you to run two apps of the same app simultaneously.

Apart from cloning social media applications like WhatsApp or Facebook, this feature comes in handy when cloning games like mine craft.

This option allows you to create up to three clones of the same app

Cheat Engine

If you are an avid gamer you may have heard about cheating on video games. Pander helper’s cheat engine help player to alter features of the original game and gain the upper hand of it over other players. More importantly, unlike other game cheating app, your iOS need not be jailbroken to enjoy this feature.


Do you find is it hard for you to play games because of their speed or is your game too slow and time-consuming?

In the panda helper app developers has been able to come up with a solution.

Using the speed option you can either slow down or speed up the speed of your game.

Panda helper has made this feature available for regular user’s purchases since 2020 March just for $0.99 per week.

Save data

With Save data, you can save game data on your phone and restore it when it is required.

Cloud save

Cloud save feature only worked with apps that have been included in ‘Cloud save collections ‘.

Using this feature you can get unlimited diamonds

In the panda helper VIP version, you can get unlimited diamonds coins and banknotes that are requiring you to advance into the next level of games.

Auto touch 

You can make the auto-touch feature touch all of the buttons link coin collection buttons and level up buttons while playing games with panda helper.

Panda app signer

As iOS users, you may have used computer installed apps like Cydia impactor or 3u tools to sign your IPA to sideload on your iPhone.

With the app signer option, we doubt that you will use the traditional way of signing apps. This feature allows you to sign IPA without the need for a computer.

This feature will cost you just $4.95.

Frequently asked questions on common issues associated with panda helper iOS

Unable to verify message even after having a healthy certificate

This happened when your device is blacklisted by Apple and this issue is can only be found in iOS 13 or higher versions.

In that case, try following below solutions

Solution 1

1. First you are required to back up your device either to iTunes or to iCloud.

2. Then go to settings and erase all contents you will find under the reset option of general by entering your apple passcode.

3. Now you can restore your backed-up devices.

4. Now follow the above instructions of iOS 13 to 14 download to re-download the panda helper app.

Solution 2

Sign apps using the 3u tool or Alt store.

Solution 3

Jailbreak your device

We have already discussed how to install a panda helper on jailbroken devices. Please refer to our Panda helper download article.

Why Can’t I download apps after the ‘ unable to verify ‘ issue is fixed?

After a revoke panda, helper developers assign a new certificate, and also apps are resigned one-after-another. As it takes time for the developer team to fix all of them, you have to wait patiently or buy VIP version.


Unlike the Android version of the panda helper regular app iOS version is quite prone to certificates being revoked issue. If you can purchase a VIP version with the super-certificate, as the pander-helper website suggests. So that you can cope up with this issue up to a greater extent.

That being said, using panda helper you can get tweaks, mod games, and other apps at the touch of a button for free. So definitely panda helper is one of a kind third-party app store.

Hope this guide helped you fall in love with the panda helper iOS version.