Privacy Policy is an educational website only.Thus we are highly aware about the our user’s privacy.As an educational website we are not using this website for sell any product or promote any product.Moreover we are not collecting any personal data such as Credit card details,passwords or user Names.

We also great fans of Panda Helper and we would like to thank for Panda Helper team for this amazing creature.So we highly recommend for our users to read our privacy policy terms and conditions before you are going to use this website for your purpose.

In this website we have provided some important downloading links as well as images that very useful for our users navigation and purposes.But we are not directly affiliated with Panda Helper or those we have provided links.Therefore we are not taking any responsibility of your directions as well as any harmful threats that might be occurred.All we have provided links and other directions are only for educational purpose.

Data Collection

As an educational website this website provides quality and useful educational guides only.Furthermore we are highly aware about the users suggestions and requests too.As a result of that we are affiliated to directly provide our feedbacks to our users who place their requests or questions on us.

Where we are not provide our feedbacks in public.Thus we ask our users email address for send our feedback private and confidentially.Moreover we need particular Name of users who are willing to join with us and would be like to receiving our service.

What Type Of Data That We Are Not Collecting

This is very important on our website visitors to get avoid from harmful threats that can be face while using our website.So following data of our users or visitors we are not collecting at all.Thus please do not provide following data for anyone while you are using our website.

  • Credit card details
  • Personal Address
  • Billing information
  • Personal contact Numbers
  • User Name or Passwords

If you are going to provide one of or several of those information please keep it that we are not taking any responsibility on that.

Cookies Data

We are not using any Cookies.

Data Retention Period

As we previously mentioned we are not taking any personal information of users.Only we collected data type of users is Email address.After we provide our feedback to users we remove all collected email address from our database within few days.

Collected Data Protection

Collected data we keep in well protected database.So we are not allowing to misuse those data as well as display on public too.Moreover we are not showing your any request or question to public without your permission.

Children’s Privacy

This website or its contents are not for under the age of 18 yrs.If any children using this website who are under the age of 18yrs we are not recommend our website for those community.Because we are highly aware about the children’s privacy.