Subway Surfers strategy guide for riding the rails and scoring high

Today, let’s learn the Subway Surfers strategy to get higher scores.

Subway Surfers is a popular endless runner mobile game that’s captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide.

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This guide will provide valuable strategies to help you improve your gameplay and reach those high scores you’ve been dreaming of.

Subway Surfers strategy to score high

Understanding the game mechanics

Subway Surfers is a game that revolves around dodging obstacles, running through subway tracks while avoiding oncoming trains and escaping the grasp of the Inspector and his dog. In the process, you can collect coins, power-ups, and mystery boxes. Understanding how these mechanics work is the first step to mastering the game.

Perfecting your moves

There are critical movements in Subway Surfers: jumping, rolling, and moving side-to-side. You’ll use the swipe controls to perform these maneuvers. Master these movements to navigate the cities and dodge obstacles efficiently and swiftly.

Collecting coins

Regular coins boost your score and can be used to purchase various items in the shop. But remember that avoiding an obstacle is sometimes more valuable than risking a run for a few coins.

Understanding Power-Ups

Subway Surfers features various power-ups that can help you in your run. Some players hesitate, waste time finding props, or jumping around trying to catch them, but you’ll be surprised at how much impact they have

Jetpack can fly briefly on all trains and obstacles, bypassing all dangers and standing out from the competition. You can even continue collecting coins in the air! Super sneakers significantly increase speed, leaving a considerable distance between you and your suitor. Coin magnets can collect all the coins around them without grabbing them.

After upgrading Super Sneakers and Jetpack, please wait until Jetpack is found during the operation to activate Super Sneakers. Stack these two coins together and you should be able to swipe to double all current coins.

Learning when to use these power-ups can help maximize their value.

Chasing after the mystery boxes

Mystery boxes often contain coins, character tokens, or score boosters. It’s beneficial to go after these whenever you can. However, don’t compromise your run over a mystery box.

Subway Surfers Mystery Boxes

Completing daily challenges and missions

Daily challenges provide rewards in exchange for collecting certain items, while missions present three tasks that progressively increase the difficulty level. Completing these will yield significant rewards such as coins, keys, and score multipliers.

Using hoverboards

Subway Surfers Hoverboards protect you from crashing for 30 seconds. Use them to avoid obstacles or to prolong your run after stumbling.

Subway Surfers Hoverboards

Saving keys

Subway Surfers Keys are unique items that allow you to continue your run even after crashing.

The key allows the player to continue the game after colliding with an object, adding coins to the arcade, and asking if you want to continue. Using many keys, you can run for a long time, and if you hit the x70 multiplier, you will want to run as long as possible.

They are harder to find than coins, so saving them for when you need them is a good strategy.

Subway Surfers Keys


Last but not least, practice is crucial. The more you play Subway Surfers, the more familiar you become with the game’s pattern, speed, and obstacles, allowing you to predict what’s coming next and react in time.

How do you skip missions in Subway Surfers?

Playing subway surfers is fun and challenging. Completing tasks is sometimes too tedious, so you might wonder how to skip tasks. How do you skip missions in Subway Surfers?

1. Play the game: Launch the game and play for a while. Playing games will get coins needed to perform tasks, buy boosters, etc.

2. Save coins: Collected coins will be helpful because you need them to buy boosters, power-ups, etc.

3. Go to Quest: Now, where you have collected a lot of coins. It’s time to go to the Quest tab. On the menu, click Task. At the bottom of this label, you will see the phrase, “You can skip tasks in the store.”

4. Visit the Store: Now that you know where to go, it’s time to get there. Click the exit button to perform the task or the back button on your phone to return to the title screen. Click on Store.

5. Scroll your options: you will see what you can do with all coins, so scroll down until you see Skip Task Pack. Click this option to see the tasks to skip. Click Buy for the task you want to skip.

Remember that you must play more to collect enough coins if you don’t have enough coins. Leaving coins on the booster will help you reach your destination faster. So you have to collect as many coins as possible. Even when you find some coins too close to harmful obstacles, try to avoid them and grab them. Once your character finally expires, these coins will raise your score to an overall level. With fractional multipliers and coin magnets upgraded to a higher level, your coin collection experiment will be less cumbersome.

Final words

The above are the Subway Surfers strategy to score high. And we can learn more tips from Subway Surfers gameplay and tips sharing. Let’s experience it together!

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