6 alternatives to Finch Self-Care app worth the download

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of research and applications on self-care, showing its health benefits. As people who struggle with anxiety and depression, they may have tried many journal apps and mood trackers. What I know about self-care or -compassion is that I see its benefits in my personal life. Finch helps me avoid anger and self-pity and makes me more patient and calm. Despite the inevitable feelings of stress and despair, with the help of Finch self-care app, I was able to recover from confusion more quickly and regain purpose and motivation. There are several options like Finch that help improve mental health.

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Fun apps similar to Finch Self-Care

Self-care practices don’t have to be unbearable with a self-care pet at your fingertips. Why not have a little fun while remembering to put yourself first now and then? Apps like Finch: Self Care Widget app, you know? It is like suddenly everyone has these little buddies on the phone. This sincere Finch app review is enough to share more about the necessity of self-care tools. The following alternatives are also worth the download.

1. Wysa: chatbot vs. Finch self-care pet

Finch is a great application that helps users feel prepared to take care of their pets. Compared to Wysa, which has a simple chat interface where you can set up reminders and notifications, activities on the Finch app are quite dazzling and colors are brighter. A Finch guide will help you use it the most.

Wysa, an everyday mental health chatbot, listens to and reacts to the emotions you express. Whenever you are working through some anxiety, overthinking, or just having a bad day, you can talk to Wysa. For additional support, users can receive guidance from a qualified mental health professional. Moreover, it offers a range of research-backed psychological expertise to help users with depression, stress, anxiety, sleep, and other mental health and wellness needs.

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2. Reflectly – guided daily journal

Reflectly is a fun and smart diary software that helps you record your feelings. It supports users in tracking their feelings and increasing happiness. When experiencing stress and anxiety, it allows you to slow down negativity, increase positivity, and realize the good aspects of life to restore a state of mental health faster.

Guiding users to mental health is its top priority. The app uses Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Positive Thought Therapy to help users understand themselves on a deeper level. It also offers a habit tracker that provides you with different positive thinking tools to improve your mood. This app will be a great addition to the self-care journey. Learn more at Reflectly official website.

Reflectly screen


  • Intelligent journal and mood tracking
  • Cognitive behavior tracker
  • Self-care guide

3. Mood Balance: self-care tracker like Finch

Tracking your moods and identifying how you feel will help you make timely positive lifestyle changes and adopt healthy habits. Mood Balance is the perfect emotion tracker as it allows you to define, record, and explore your various moods. This feature makes it one of the perfect alternatives to Finch. Another sharing brings you more detailed strategies about the Finch app.

The Mood Balance app helps you be more relaxed by quick check-in questions about your feelings, the causes, and what bad things you may be experiencing. Furthermore, this app provides a range of statistics and stress-reducing games to soothe negative moods. It promotes anxiety relief as you play.

Mood Balance features


  • Explore weekly mood ratings, discover mood change
  • Extensive collection of relaxing games
  • Premium subscription with exclusive content and no ads

4. Woebot – your self-care expert

Woebot (Get it here!) is an AI app that chats with you about the true question: How do you feel? The award-winning mental health app acts as your self-care coach. Woebot uses a specialized proven psychological framework to help users think positively through step-by-step communication. It exchanges millions of messages to help users get rid of stress, anxiety, relationship problems, loneliness, pain management, and more.

In just a few minutes a day, Woebot can help you reduce stress and live happier. Users recall that it felt personal and caring when they used it. Furthermore, it is free to users currently.

Woebot self-care feature


  • With the cognitive behavior therapy framework, Woebot is like a robot therapist.
  • It offers effective tools designed by experts.
  • It makes an everyday check with mood patterns and enables you to learn more about yourself.

5. Amaru: alternative virtual pet to Finch self-care pet

Amaru is a mobile game focused on helping you develop self-care habits. You will connect your self-care needs to the digital pet Amaru, such as goal-setting, breathing meditations, and journal activities, etc. All the self-care features in the app are completely free, and the game contains no ads! Get it for iOS and Android from the Amaru website.

You will level up Amaru and help him find his way home, as well as new mini-games are waiting for you to unlock along the way. The game is designed to be completed in roughly two months if you play between 15-30 minutes per day, which is intentionally in line with the time cycle to form new healthy habits.

Amaru self-care game


  • A virtual pet to feed, pet, and care for.
  • Make Amaru your own with custom colors and skins!
  • A goal-setting will reward you for self-care.
  • 20+ guided breathing and mindfulness meditation recordings
  • Fun, low-pressure mini-games
  • Gorgeous and fantasy virtual world with unique, relaxing soundscapes

6. Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud is a streamlined self-care mobile app, that brings awareness to the major activities of daily life, using encouraging push notifications. You can customize daily self-care activities as you wish. The adorable pixelated illustrations displayed throughout the app are a unique point. The Aloe Bud app can be fully enjoyed for free and also offers in-app purchases for additional enhancements. Remember to take a moment to simply check in with yourself, drink a glass of water, and take a deep breath each day.

Aloe Bud self-care tools like Finch


When we are aware of our struggles and respond to ourselves with kindness and support during difficult moments, things start to change. Mental health is a topic that countless people are discussing in this era. I highly recommend Finch if you have any concerns about self-care, now completely free and safe to download from Panda Helper. The above-recommended apps are similar to the Finch Self-Care Pet and can help users learn a lot about themselves and their needs.

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