Boost Your Nursing Skills With These Interactive Games and Apps

Research has proved that nursing games for students can boost their learning experience. They understand the learning content deeply and limit stress levels. Further research shows games promote critical thinking, enhance motivation and nursing skills..

Science Direct reports that games encourage participation. They keep students motivated while learning. There are different types of interactive games and apps for nursing learners. They range from online puzzles to board games, and role-playing games. Here are games and apps that can help boost your nursing skills.

Nursing Skills

Prognosis Death

Prognosis Death is an interactive card game played by multiple players. In the game, a patient is brought to the emergency unit. Doctors rush in to help but each wants to take credit for diagnosing the disease. Each player collects symptoms and uses them to create a diagnosis.

This is one of the games for nursing students that help sharpen diagnosis skills. The game sharpens your critical thinking skills. It helps build understanding about diseases including your clinical knowledge. Building critical thinking can help you do well when writing your nursing assignment.

Nursing students cover 94 units spanning over 12 semesters or four years. This makes the student life of a nursing student busy. Due to this, you might be unable to manage your nursing assignment. In such a moment, EduBirdie can help with nursing assignment anytime that you contact them for help. Games can help you minimize stress and enhance memory for better results in your study time. So to create time for it, you need professional writers to help you in doing academic work.

Quarantine Board Game

Quarantine Board Game is another popular interactive nursing education game. In the game, there is an outbreak of a pandemic. Health professionals have to act fast. Players must collect tiles and build a hospital. They must ensure the hospital is safe. If not, it can be brought down by the pandemic. They must ensure enough supply that meets the growing demand. This game benefits learners in different ways as follows.

  • Teaches you to take responsibility in your professional nursing career.
  • It teaches you to be inventive and have effective communication.
  • You learn how to manage pandemics
  • The game motivates you to think critically
  • You learn to solve problems in your service.

Nurse Bingo

Nurse Bingo is one of the best apps for nursing students. Nurses go through busy schedules daily. They have to study, do assignments, attend lectures, and many more. Nurse Bingo can help you overcome study stress. It helps you focus on achieving a great nursing career for yourself.

The game contains 24 x medical bingo cards each with 25 different patterns. You must match cards in each row, column, or diagonal. The game helps you to be energetic and active. It stimulates your mind and boosts your emotions. It is a stress-relieving game for nursing students.


Rntertainment is a nursing learning app featuring over 800 clinical questions. You can answer questions covering any clinical scenario or nursing category. Many times, you need assistance to excel in your education. The game is built to assist you and help you learn deeper and retain the information. It includes resources for nursing exams, test tips, and studying tips. The game helps you to build several skills.

  • It allows you to build your memory
  • Empowers your critical thinking abilities
  • It helps you understand the kind of questions that you can get in exams
  • Helps you understand the entire nursing syllabus better


Operation is another best nursing school app for students. It helps you to learn while playing. It is a multiple-player game where players choose an ailment. They must operate on a patient ensuring the process goes well. It features an operation table, a patient, and other equipment. Once the ailment is removed, the game ends. The game teaches you to build your eye-hand coordination skills. It refines your motor skills and your skills in human anatomy. Players learn to attend to details and be conscious about time and speed.

Role-Playing Game

Role-playing Game is one the school nurse games developed to encourage teamwork. In this interactive game, each player takes a specific role. The role could be dealing with a difficult patient or an arrogant doctor. The player must develop patience in dealing with the person or situation.

This game is important for developing patience skills and collaboration. In the nursing career, you will come across challenging situations. You must be ready to provide a solution for each situation. This game also helps relieve stress, boost mood, and promote mental skills. It encourages you to seek help when the situation seems daunting to you.


The nursing syllabus is wide which demands students to stay busy all the time. Many interactive games and apps can help students in the learning process. They help boost morale, mood, and self-confidence. Games such as Prognosis Death build critical thinking and understanding. Some of the games help boost collaboration, teamwork and nursing skills. Nurse Bingo can help relieve stress and allow relaxation and a fresh start.

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